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The events industry has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last decade or so. Gone are the days of mundane business gatherings in nondescript hotel venues, where the only tech required was a projector and PA system. Today, companies and industries yearn to offer their employees and clients more than just meetings. They crave true events, experiences that captivate, inspire, and become the talk of social media. 

But as the demand for such memorable experiences grows, it is up to the event planners to redefine the boundaries of possibility and set the benchmark for innovation and client-centricity. In this landscape, MYeventplanner has emerged as a leading one-stop shop that promises clients “a world of extraordinary experience” for all their event needs, which span teambuilding activities, corporate-themed staff events, expos and conferences, networking gatherings, product launches, and more besides.

”We are always dreaming up creative ways to organise events which go beyond the ordinary,” explains Liam Grima, Sales Manager at MYeventplanner, which is a part of the events, merchandise, and expos specialists at 242.group. He points to one highlight project, saying: “Just recently, a client approached us to organise a laser tag event for its team. Instead of the run-of-the-mill laser tag experience, we rented out a historic fort and transformed it into a live battlefield complete with obstacles, lighting, fog machines, and surround sound. It was a unique experience, and the team absolutely loved it.” 

MYeventplanner excels at delivering such exceptional experiences because it adopts a comprehensive turnkey approach to event planning. The company has taken steps to minimise its reliance on third-party suppliers by investing in its own equipment and building a highly specialised in-house team. This allows them to have greater control over the planning and execution of events, ensuring a high level of quality and reducing the risk of delays or issues caused by external suppliers.

Today, their turnkey services cover everything from logistics to providing lighting, staging, sound, and other specialised equipment. And it doesn’t stop there. The agency provides a full spectrum of ancillary services through sister companies Print&Merchandise and TurnkeyExpos, from photography and videography to branded merchandise and transport, covering every aspect an event may require. Additionally, through its established network of contacts and partners, the agency can also assist with venue selection, guiding clients to ideal venues and catering services for their events with exclusive discounted rates. 

“The events industry has become incredibly busy, and keeping up with demand is a challenge for many suppliers. That’s why we made the strategic choice to invest in our own equipment and assemble a dedicated technical team. This way, we can guarantee quality and reliability for our clients. We’re also committed to staying at the forefront of the industry by continuously upgrading our equipment to meet the latest standards,” Liam asserts. 

In just over 15 years, MYeventplanner has built an estimable client portfolio, with a strong presence in the iGaming and tech sectors. They’ve become the preferred choice for major corporations in search of exceptional event experiences not only in Malta but also on a global scale. Their reputation is well-established, and thanks to enduring relationships with local clients, they have been entrusted to tackle substantial international projects, organising events and expos everywhere from Spain to Brazil, Dubai to Manila.

Seizing the opportunity to grow its international presence, MYeventplanner now boasts offices in Cyprus and Dubai, in addition to their home base in Malta. The need for events and team-building activities worldwide has been steadily increasing, presenting some unique challenges along the way. 

Liam expands on the international side of the business: “Our clients, some of whom have worked with us for many years, have come to trust us deeply. That’s because we deliver consistently. As such, we’re seeing a rising interest for us to organise events worldwide. To meet these requests, we’ve grown our full-time team alongside building a network of trusted suppliers and freelancers in various parts of the world. This ensures we can offer seamless event execution across the globe.”

Expanding its global reach has also been a catalyst for further diversification. The agency offers companies enticing opportunities through team trips abroad, offering a unique touch to teambuilding activities. For day trips, Sicily and Rome have emerged as preferred one-day destination choices thanks to convenient flight connections available throughout the day. On the trip, clients can indulge in wine tasting and cooking classes, or seek adventure through treasure hunts and exhilarating helicopter rides. The array of activities during the day is as diverse as the clients they serve.

To guarantee a smooth experience, MYeventplanner assigns a dedicated team member to oversee logistics, transportation, and all the other essential elements of the journey. For those looking to extend their experience beyond a single day, the agency can also orchestrate company trips to Sardinia, Cyprus, Greece, and more. They have their sights set on further expansion, targeting destinations beyond the EU, including trips to Dubai. 

“As with every service we offer, we’re dedicated to maintaining the same high standards and personalised service that our clients expect, no matter where they want to create memorable experiences.”

One unexpected benefit of the agency’s expansion has been its increased visibility among industry professionals. These days, they’re not only fielding more client requests but also finding themselves on the radar of individuals eager to dive into the event planning world. 

“Our business model is centred around being a stable company that also provides an exciting industry for employees to work in,” Liam explains. “When we recruit, we seek passionate and creative individuals who are eager to embrace this dynamic industry. We continuously invest in their development and bring them into our team, where they can specialise their knowledge and skillset.”

Liam also explains that employing such a passionate team has been the key to the agency’s reputation for offering a truly personalised service, saying: “Clients have come to understand that we’re not just here to make a sale. We’re in the industry to take care of them and build long-term relationships.”

Looking to the future, MYeventplanner remains dedicated to enhancing its services. Liam sheds light on their upcoming plans, stating: “We’re always looking to improve our offerings and plan to invest further to provide even greater client satisfaction. We’ll continue expanding our team, building specialised teams, not only locally but also abroad in Cyprus and Dubai. Additionally, we’re exploring the possibility of opening a physical office in the south of Spain, further expanding our global presence. We can’t wait to share more memorable event experiences with our trusted clients.” 

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