Continental Cars has announced that it has officially taken over as Malta’s official importer of Skoda, a move that will come as no surprise given its long-standing relationship with the brand’s parent company, Volkswagen.

Previous Skoda agent Frank Borda Ltd’s exit from the automobile market last year had left fans of the make stranded, with purchase enquiries to Skoda’s headquarters being directed to dealers in Sicily.

However, in response to questions sent by at the time, the company made it clear that negotiations for its re-entry were already under way, saying: “We are looking forward to come back to Malta in the upcoming year.”

Continental Cars already represents other Volkswagen AG brands, including Audi, Porsche, SEAT and Cupra, apart from Volkswagen itself.

However, the company, which forms part of Mizzi Motors, was tight-lipped when asked late last year about its plans to bring Skoda back to Malta.

The announcement that it will indeed become the Czech car brand’s official Maltese importer came by way of a job listing for a sales manager responsible to increase Skoda’s market share.



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