The third edition of the Start-Up Festival Malta “exceeded expectations and concluded with resounding success, showcasing the dynamism and innovation of the Malta start up ecosystem,” Malta Enterprise said.

The event, which took place at the MFCC on the 5th and the 6th of October, had in total 55 stands, over 1,800 registered attendees, over 500 productive meetings in the Dealroom area and more than 400 engaged spectators during the Pitch Black competition.

The heart of the festival was the Dealroom area, where entrepreneurs had the chance to pitch their ideas, seek funding and build valuable relationships with industry leaders.

The festival also had a lineup of international speakers including Emmy Award winner Mohsen Mousavi and accomplished international serial entrepreneur and investor Rina Onur. These speakers shared their expertise, experiences and valuable insights with attendees “further enriching the festival’s program and offering a global perspective on entrepreneurship and innovation.”

Kurt Farrugia, CEO of Malta Enterprise explained that Pitch Black “stands as a remarkable success story, showcasing the innovation of the entrepreneurs.” He added that the first edition of the competition also exceeded expectations with more than 40 applicants, out of which 25 female-led startups and hundreds of attendees actively listening in to the pitches.

Keith Azzopardi, winner of Start-Up Festival Malta’s first Pitch Black competition (Source: Start in Malta)

Keith M Azzopardi, Co-founder and CEO of Smart Materials Ltd, who won the first edition of Pitch Black explained that the company’s core vision is to revolutionise the materials industry with sustainable, innovative solutions that not only enhance product quality but also prioritise environmental responsibility.

“Winning this contest reaffirms our commitment to this mission and propels us further towards making a lasting impact,” Dr Azzopardi remarked.

Natallia Miranchuk, winner of the Best Female Led Startup award (Source: Startin Malta)

Additionally, Natallia Miranchuk, founder and CEO of Soula won the award for Best Female Led Startup award, for her solution providing ethical AI in maternity. “We are honoured to win the Best Female led startup award. It was my first time on the Island but for sure not the last – especially now that the price service package gives us the opportunity to work with so many Maltese companies,” she said.


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