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The Malta Bankers’ Association (MBA) is hosting a three-hour webinar on Thursday, 11th November at 10 am, themed: The Changing Face of Banking.

The objective of the webinar is to bring various relevant stakeholders together to cover diverse aspects of the banking industry and assess the developments in the sector given the various challenges and technological changes that have taken place and will continue to take place. The MBA event will, amongst others, cover aspects relating to regulatory developments impacting the sector as well as provide insight on developments taking place in other jurisdictions’ banking sectors.

The event will feature a line-up of distinguished speakers from the Malta Bankers’ Association, the Dutch Banking Association, the European Banking Federation (EBF), the European Central Bank (ECB), the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), EY, as well as key players in the local banking sector, amongst others. The event will commence with a welcome address from Rick Hunkin, CEO of Bank of Valletta and MBA Chairman.

The topics to be covered include a round-up of ongoing and upcoming regulatory work streams delivered by Gonzalo Gasos, Senior Director of Prudential Policy and Supervision at the EBF. The state of play of the Transaction Monitoring Netherlands’ project (TMNL) will be explained by Yvonne Willemsen, Head of Security Department at the Dutch Banking Association. Another topic will be an overview of the local supervision and resolution landscape, which will be addressed by the new MFSA CEO Joseph Gavin. Highlights of the ECB’s Digital euro project and its possible repercussions on banks’ intermediary function, will be covered by Jurgen Schaaf, Advisor Market Infrastructure and Payments at the ECB.

The webinar will also feature two panel discussions, on the first which addresses the topical subject of balancing the need of moving towards digitalisation with inclusivity. The second session will focus on EU Sustainable Finance initiatives and how these could induce changes in the financing by banks in Malta.

“As we face new economic and social challenges resulting from post-pandemic realities, we believe that banks will continue to play a vital role in this recovery period. At the same time, we are bringing together local and international stakeholders in one forum to highlight how various upcoming challenges will impact banks. How banks will react to such changes will be at the heart of the discussion we will be having during our annual webinar,” said Karol Gabarretta, Secretary General of the MBA.

The webinar will include time for interactivity as participants may send their questions and/or comments throughout the event via the chat function of the webinar’s medium.

As is usually the case, the MBA’s webinar not only aims to be of interest to banks’ employees at all levels and others within the financial services industry, but as well at participants from other economic players and, last but certainly not least, users of banking services and products.

The webinar includes a €30 registration fee for attendance, and, for further information and details on this conference including the agenda and speakers’ biographies, as well as to register for the event, click here.


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