Established 25 years ago, Malta-based Jmp’s initial role was importing and distributing top-quality chemicals to the hospitality sector. 

“Since the early days, we supplied our customers with a holistic system, complete with training, technical and COSHH support, signage and hygiene service reports,” shares a representative from the company.

Speaking to about the company’s vision and practices, the representative shared that it aims to “find sustainable solutions” for its customers.

“Another requisite which influences our decision making in choosing our suppliers is that they must manufacture top quality goods which are long-lasting and have all the necessary EU required certifications. The companies we represent are at the forefront of innovation and ergonomic solutions.”

Over the years, throughout its operations, Jmp sought to become a one-stop-shop for all cleaning and hygiene supplies. Indeed, today, it supplies cleaning chemicals, HACCP tools, trolleys, bins, signs, specialised professional matting, front of the house stainless steel furnishings, bathroom hygiene lines, paper towels, tissues, guest supplies, first aid kits and many other solutions.

“Our team offers quick and efficient service.  We are totally oriented towards customer’s satisfaction. People choosing Jmp know they can count on a supplier of top quality goods,  expert advice, and excellent aftersales service. They know that we support them with training on-site, and where necessary, with monthly visits.”

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