On Friday (today), The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry launched its 175th anniversary celebrations under the patronage of Malta’s President, George Vella. During the conference, Prime Minister Robert Abela, Leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech and other distinguished guests were in attendance.

During her opening speech, President Marisa Xuereb said, “the fact that The Malta Chamber is the only institution established through the Commercial Code of Malta to represent the commercial, mercantile and industrial community of Malta makes it an institution of national importance and burdens its Council members with responsibility that comes out of the law. This Chamber represents the entire commercial, enterprise and industrial community in Malta, from the big to the small.”

She continued by saying that “the credibility and respect that The Malta Chamber enjoys today are a legacy of years of positive work, consistency in principles and objectivity in thinking. That is why we were, still are and continue to rely on the principles of a level playing field, ethics in commercial behavior, protection of the environmental and social responsibilities of businesses, good governance, employing workers within the parameters of the law, decent working conditions for all employees and fiscal morality. This is also why we insist with the authorities for consistent enforcement of our laws.”

The Malta Chamber CEO Marthese Portelli said that, “today we celebrate this journey of one hundred and seventy-five years since The Malta Chamber was founded. A journey in which we have seen the business, commerce and industry grow and develop but also adapt themselves to the challenges and difficulties they encounter, both locally and internationally. The Malta Chamber looks forward with determination to maintain, improve and add to the positive results we have achieved so far. Our members were, still are and will remain in the centre of this organisation.”

Bernard Grech, Leader of the Opposition said that “The Malta Chamber is a key stakeholder in the local business scenario. The ability it has to address challenges faced by the business community and the ability to work in a professional and transparent way, closely with the various governments and parties in the Opposition that we have had over the years makes this organization one of the most effective we have in our country. Work that in various circumstances has also resulted in the business sphere benefiting from a stronger national policy. Work that reflects the importance of The Malta Chamber.”

Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that Cabinet recently approved two schemes intended to incentive renewable & sustainable transition by businesses. The Prime Minister referred to an electoral pledge to introduce right to bank account for businesses and self-employed and said this year we will announce a legislative proposal with regards this initiative.

Dr Abela stated that work is being done in introducing a system that will facilitate the due diligence process however he committed that it will remain robust. The Prime Minister said that Government will continue to ensure certainty and stability, a key to keep on having an environment where businesses grow and a strengthened working sector. The Prime Minister said that this will be done in a period of new priorities including the green and digital transition.

The President of Malta, George Vella, said that through its detailed studies, consultations, and strong statements, The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is like a mirror that reflects the good and less good developments happening in Maltese society. President Vella expressed his appreciation for the Chamber’s work so that Malta not only strengthens its economy and trade but contributes to improving the quality of life with a constructive role in the design of national policies that go beyond the commercial field. “I must mention as an example the importance of themes such as the environment, education, the strengthening of society, multiculturalism, the rule of law and foreign policy when discussing the growth of the economy and the commercial profile of the country,” said President George Vella.

While thanking Ms Xuereb, President of The Malta Chamber, for her “excellent leadership”, which continued to strengthen the respect enjoyed by the Chamber, President George Vella encouraged the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry to continue to maintain its sense of independence when presenting criticism based on facts, and not speculation, in the years to come.


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