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A Malta-based specialist professional services firm focusing on innovative business intelligence for a range of sectors, iMovo Limited has been engaged by FIMBank plc to provide solutions for its data integration needs via the highly sought-after tool Talend.

FIMBank is a customer-driven banking organisation that focuses on optimising business performance and supporting business growth for its clients.  The bank offers customised trade finance and banking solutions and the services offered include trade finance, corporate banking products, factoring, forfaiting, and real estate finance.  FIMBank forms part of the KPICO Group, which is one of the MENA region’s most successful companies, compromising of over 16,000 employees across twenty-four countries.

FIMBank’s stated goal is to always provide the highest quality of service to its clients.  However, this means that it must improve the lifecycle of its data. As the company started to experience rapid growth, the organisation had to rely increasingly on various information systems, both on-premise and on-cloud.  However, with the ever-increasing number of system integrations across different platforms, managing core enterprise data from multiple sources became increasingly difficult.  At this point, the company needed to store, present, optimise, transform, and secure all data and make it available to all stakeholders across a single platform.  Without a proper data integration solution, the company had to address each phase and endpoint individually and in isolation, using different methods, which required time, effort and resources.

FIMBank acknowledged the need for a tool to assist in the extract, transform, load (ETL) process as well as orchestrate the flow of data between the various components within its ecosystem. After conducting their own research to determine which vendors offered the best data integration solutions, they analysed Gartner’s reports on the best Data Integration Tools, which cited Talend as an ideal partner to work with.

“It was easier for FIMBank to complete the project in a short timeframe because they had a reliable local partner– iMovo. Talend is one of the leading data integration solutions for modern enterprises that can bring all data together in one complete, clear, and secure source,” a spokesperson for iMovo shared.

Within three weeks, iMovo’s consultants helped FIMBank gather their project requirements and create a detailed project plan with all deliverables and timelines. The implementation process was highly optimized and required minimal human intervention – making the process extremely secure. All data was transferred from one system to another with minimal intervention. Implementation was much faster than if FIMBank had developed its own code for ETL. In addition, cross-departmental dependencies were eliminated through iMovo’s customized services and Talend’s excellent compatibility with all other platforms.

Benefits of Talend implementation and iMovo support:

  • Easy and quick deployment of data pipelines- 10x faster than in-house coding.
  • Ability to detect and fix issues in the data while it moves through the system, preventing negative impacts of bad data.
  • Secure access to data protected by firewalls, secure data centres, and cloud environments.
  • Easy data management with a host of choices – Talend’s public cloud, self-managed private cloud, on-premise or hybrid solutions.
  • Ease of integration with various systems.
  • Data integrity.
  • Faster turnaround times.
  • Minimal manual interference.
  • Quicker project delivery with iMovo’s bespoke solutions.
  • Excellent assistance and support available through a reliable local partner like iMovo.

Thanks to the data integration solution, iMovo’s spokesperson shared, FIMBank saves time and increases productivity by eliminating cross-departmental data sharing and general dependency on various disjointed platforms.

Head of Data & Application Management at FIMBank, Keith Farrugia Galea, also added that: “Working with Talend and iMovo, has not only helped us save time and increase production by eliminating the need for a cross-departmental data sharing, but all of our data is now unified across the organisation. Not only has the company reduced the number of errors and data inconsistencies, but now we’re able to make better decisions backed with healthy data.”

Today, all data is unified across the enterprise, and the number of errors and inconsistencies has decreased. As a result, the company can make better decisions and provide better services to its customers based solely on healthy data. FIMBank expects to see ROI within two years, but the benefits of this solution are already evident in the form of better data flow and improved customer service.



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