A trade delegation led by Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Ian Borg visited the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia over the weekend, in a continuation of recent efforts to deepen Malta’s economic links with the oil-rich, prosperous countries.

The official visit included meetings and visits with businesses and people who recognise Malta’s potential and are looking to collaborate with Malta with our country because they see potential in it.

In Dubai, Minister Borg had the opportunity to meet the management and workers of Brands for Less. This company has been operating since 1996 with several stores in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East. In 2019, this group of companies chose to open its first store in Malta, in Sliema. In a discussion with the leadership, the Minister went on to explain the benefits that Malta offers for businesses who choose it for their investment.

He also visited works being carried out by the Malta Stock Exchange-listed MedServ in Abu Dhabi. The Minister noted the success that a company that started in Malta is having overseas in a strong competitive market, claiming that success stories like these continue to encourage the Government to keep pushing local businesses overseas.

Towards the end of this official visit, Minister Borg had the opportunity to also address a conference of the Maltese agency, Tech.MT, where he noted that Malta’s strong economy is recovering and growing at a better pace than the European average and positioned the country as the preferred destination for many international tech companies.

After Dubai, the delegation continued on to Saudi Arabia, where a high level bilateral meeting between Minister Borg and Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud continued talks officially started in Malta in August.

The strengthening of commercial collaboration between the two countries was at the top of the agenda.

The trade delegation met with the Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arabia, and a number of meetings were held between several Maltese businesses and those of Saudi Arabia to establish a relationship that could possibly open more avenues for commercial opportunities.

On the work of this commercial delegation, Minister Borg asserted, “I look forward that in the near future we will be able to listen and announce plans to strengthen collaboration with this country”. He also reiterated the Maltese Government’s commitment to continue assisting Maltese businesses to open more opportunities.

During this visit, Minister Borg also had a meeting with Adel Al-Jubeir, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, and was also shown around the sites known as Al-Ula and Diriyah.

Featured Image:

Minister Ian Borg and members of the Maltese trade delegations in Saudi Arabia

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