2021 was another record-breaking year for the industry, with manufacturers racing to keep up with the demand for private jets.

As the industry has grown, so too has VistaJet, the world’s first and only global private aviation company, with operational headquarters at SkyParks in Luqa. VistaJet’s global team of over 1,200 aviation experts operates and provides clients access to a fleet of over 80 branded private jets – and over 350 through its group company Vista – and Epic’s digital services support connectivity around the world.

Selecting a business solutions partner is more than just choosing a service provider. That is why Epic adopts a partner approach with its business clients and blueprints solutions and agreements that mould around the specific needs of the client’s exigencies, thereby becoming invested in supporting them along their growth and across their industry environments.

It also ensures an unparalleled quality of customer care, through which it is able to foster a comfortable and constructive working relationship.

Epic provides VistaJet with four main services – mobile data and voice connectivity, fixed telephony, premium bandwidth and international leased circuits.

The nature of VistaJet’s business means it must also have a workforce that is decentralised across the globe, but that must remain connected 24/7. Epic’s strong global footprint coupled with its attractive Traveller Programme allows VistaJet’s global team to communicate clearly no matter where in the world they are located, empowering the client’s management to retain full control and easy monitoring of their expenditure.

Epic for Business’ Premium Internet Bandwidth and International Private Leased Circuits are also key to VistaJet’s operations, allowing them to run the multiple platforms and data sharing systems seamlessly and with impenetrable security, just as is required of a global airline; and this despite them physically being thousands of kilometres apart.

This has allowed VistaJet to build a fast and secure network. With an average of 100 flights taking off and landing each day, Epic for Business’ Premium services support VistaJet’s operations, helping to coordinate the movement of hundreds of crew members and customers, in real time.

VistaJet has played a key role in making private aviation more accessible by giving its clients access to a global fleet of private jets without any of the responsibilities of owning an aircraft.

The company has flown passengers to over 1,900 airports in 96 per cent of the world’s countries, including some of the most difficult to reach destinations, saving thousands of hours that would have otherwise been wasted in airports and train stations in the process.

Above all, Epic for Business’ Premium services guarantee the stable and secure connection VistaJet needs to provide its clients with the efficiency and reliability it promises.

Epic’s broad range of services and position in the market make it a peerless service provider for any business operating on an international level. Epic is a global player that forms part of a multinational group and has the right agreements in place, both locally and overseas, that are paramount to an international business like VistaJet.

This feature first appeared in the Summer 2022 edition of Business Now magazine, the sister brand to BusinessNow.mt

Featured Image:

Nick van der Meer, Chief Operating Officer at VistaJet


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