WFDM may not be a household name, but since its inception in 2020 under the leadership of CEO Mantvydas Narusevicius, this multi-service company and recruitment agency has significantly reshaped Malta’s workforce dynamics and economy. 

Hailing from an accounting background, Mantvydas started the company after being contacted by investors from the US during his honeymoon in Mexico. While he had limited experience in logistics, he took the plunge and accepted to run the operation, seeking the help of a friend back in Malta to get things up and running before his return. Despite starting out during the height of the pandemic, the operation began with the successful recruitment of five drivers focused on addressing the workforce demands of Wolt food deliveries and ended its inaugural year with a team of 40. Fast forward to today, and WFDM is now comprised of a formidable 226-strong workforce in Malta alone.

Reflecting on the company’s rapid growth and impact, Mantvydas states: “I believe that at WFDM we have given so much to Malta. We have changed the way people eat, the way people shop.” However, the CEO is also acutely aware that such changes have given rise to questions and concerns, particularly regarding the recruitment of foreign nationals. It’s a subject that has been something of a hot topic in recent months, but Mantvydas emphasises that much about the process remains misunderstood.

Mantvydas explains that he takes a hands-on approach to talent acquisition, often flying to countries such as India and Pakistan to personally oversee the recruitment process for his clients. In a span of just three or four days, he often conducts intensive interviews, sometimes with as many as 100 individuals, ensuring that he handpicks the right recruits.

“At the end of the day, every single person I bring to Europe is on me. And I am determined to uphold our reputation of trust and reliability,” he adds. 

While WFDM initially made a name for itself as a logistics and recruitment agency, it has since evolved and expanded its reach. Mantvydas, in partnership with his brother-in-law, has extended the company’s recruitment services to Lithuania and the rest of Europe under the brand name ManBeGroup. Further diversification has also been underway, with WFDM setting its sights on becoming a comprehensive solution provider, offering services across multiple sectors, including real estate, mechanical repairs, cleaning, security, catering, and more. 

WFDM is also the driving force behind the DOUP brand, currently best known for its range of innovative NFC business cards, geared towards entrepreneurs and professionals. Unlike ordinary business cards, DOUP cards contain a special chip that transfers contact details to another person’s smartphone with a simple tap. They have been designed to be the most convenient way to share comprehensive contact information and business portfolios with clients, customers, and potential partners.

DOUP has enjoyed great success, and Mantvydas reveals that more innovations and updates are in the pipeline to cater to the evolving needs of today’s professionals. One of the key developments is the DOUP app, inspired by Mantvydas’s own quest for a centralised solution to manage all his business-related communications and tasks.

“I had been searching for this solution myself and couldn’t quite find anything on the market that met my needs. So, I decided that we should invest in creating it,” he explains. The app, currently in development, promises a robust feature set, including chat, conference calls, video calls, and task management. It aims to provide a comprehensive communication and task management solution for large teams.

“We are already in discussions with some leading companies in Malta who are interested in adopting this solution. We can’t wait to get it out there. We have big plans for DOUP, and we’re excited to share even more in the near future,” he adds.

While the core of their operations is based in Malta and Mantvydas’s home country, Lithuania, the CEO has also expanded into other territories such as Cyprus and Dubai. The decision to expand hasn’t been solely driven by business growth. It’s also a response to deeper concerns from the CEO. 

“The truth is, I love Malta. My wife and I have lived here for many years. It’s a great country,” he states. “But I am increasingly concerned with the way the Maltese Government seems to be discouraging foreign labour, despite the country’s ongoing need for workers in various industries.” 

He voices his frustration that despite WFDM’s commitment to ensuring their recruitment processes are in line with legislation, they are being left in the dark as to why government processes are seemingly delaying the approval of foreign national applications.

“More than anything, I just wish there was better communication from the Government with business owners. They should be more approachable so that we can sit down and discuss any concerns and work towards finding the right solutions together.”

Despite his concerns, Mantvydas remains hopeful about WFDM’s future in Malta. Over the past few years, he has successfully introduced new FinTech solutions to Malta, highlighting the country as an ideal testing ground for innovative technologies.

He concludes with his vision for the next few years of the company: “By 2025, I want WFDM to rank among the top 100 recruitment agencies in Europe, and I’ll take great pride in saying that this company had its beginnings in Malta. The journey has already been exhilarating, and I’m hopeful that the ride will only get better.”

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